Mission, Presence
& Discipleship

In this series we look at 3 main topics: the mission of God, God's presence and how we grow in discipleship. All of these three things are part of our vision for 2016.

 Recent Media Uploads 
Achievement (download)
Tania Thompson, 28/08/2016
Half-Time Team Talk (download)
Mike Irving, 31/07/2016
The What, Why, How of Discipleship (download)
James Ryburn, 24/07/2016
He said it, they spread it! (How disciples make disciples) (download)
Gareth Newman, 17/07/2016
Discipleship Outline (download)
Mike Irving, 10/07/2016
A Duality of Purpose (download)
Gareth Newman, 12/06/2016
A Lifestyle of Grace (download)
James Ryburn, 05/06/2016
Mission- The Spirits Power (download)
Mike Irving, 29/05/2016