Watching the disaster unfold

Dear All

Who will ever forget the scenes of utter destruction and force of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. I sat spell bound watching the disaster unfold.


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Many Christian commentators try and interpret events using words like sin and judgement. I do not readily try and interpret events in that light but rather I am reminded about what the Bible says about an earth which is groaning and itself awaiting a renewal and restoration when Christ returns.

Such events should provide us with a right sense of our own mortality and give us a perspective on the awesome power of God. My prayer is that many Japanese will consider their eternal destiny.

As a people I am not surprised that they have responded to such a crisis with such dignity. As many of you know I often travel to Japan and have always been struck with how the Japanese carry themselves.

Many cultures could learn a lot from them !!! Oh the impact on the Nations if millions of them discovered Christ!!

Much Love


Peter Brooks, 15/04/2011