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Behind the scenes


In our latest blog we wanted to get behind the scenes into different areas of the church. We wanted to get a view of the people that serve, what they are looking to achieve and how others can get involved. This week we are meeting Tania Thompson who serves in the kids work...

What area of the Church are you currently involved in?
I am delighted to say that I serve in one of the most exciting and dynamic ministries any church could hope for: THE KIDS WORK!  (who said I am biased!) Together with my wonderful husband we oversee the children's work at Grace City Church, with children ranging in age from infants through to year 6.

I have been further encouraged and enthused about working in this area of church life since returning from a Children workers conference held in the USA. Here we were reminded that God has chosen to work through us here on earth, but that Jesus also taught us to pray "your Kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven". God wants to use each and every single one of us, no matter the size of our bodies, while we walk the face of His beautiful earth to bring about His will and purpose. I was reminded that God does not give smaller amounts of His Holy Spirit to smaller bodies! He desires relationship with our children and wants to speak to them and work through them.

What are you all about?
Leading the children into a personal relationship with their Lord Jesus so that they may KNOW for themselves that God is King, not because we have told them so, but because they have experienced Him for themselves.... so if you want to know that for yourself too... do come along and visit us!

We are eager for our children to know not just "about "Jesus, but to truly know Him. To know how much they are loved, who they are in Christ and that nothing that they can ever do will separate them from His unending love. Isn't that the love every human being longs and yearns to know? Jesus wants to be our 'Forever friend' and this is what we are about in the kids work at GCC.

We're about knowing freedom in Christ, that we are totally loved, fully forgiven and that God wants to speak with us and work through us.

What do you love most about your role?   
I think I love the free abandon that children experience when they worship their maker. When worship leaves our mouths- the atmosphere around us changes and I love to experience that with the children. I love their lack of inhibition and their willingness to speak their mind and be real. The kids ministry also helps me learn about Gods grace.

Where and when do you meet?
We meet every Sunday morning at 10.00am at the Dee Why RSL and would so love anyone to come and visit our Sunday meeting with us- no matter what your age, come and share in the love of God with us.