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Question 1 – So what does a traditional Aussie Christmas look like for you?

I celebrate Christmas with my family, extended family and the occasional stray. We have a late lunch which usually finishes late afternoon while we lie about sleeping and digesting. Then we do it all again with the other side of the family on Boxing Day! We eat Chicken, ham, lamb, baked vegetables and cold salad – altogether

Question 2 – What is your favourite thing about an Aussie Christmas?

My favourite things about Christmas are hot days with cicada’s singing. I enjoy the magic smell of a Christmas tree, all dressed up in its strings of pearls, dominating the room from the corner.

Question 3 – How do you try to include Jesus into your Aussie Christmas?

I recognise Him at a Christmas Day service and by giving thanks before our Christmas Day meal. I also participate in every church presentation that focuses on Jesus at Christmas time.

Ken Little, 13/12/2013