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the great Easter egg hunt
Painted Egg

In the build up to Easter we are going to launch a competition to get all you budding photographers going. The aim is to get an real egg and paint it in any way that you wish. Next, get a photo of you and the egg somewhere totally random. The winner will receive a brand new camera!

Anybody can take part in the contest, they don't have to be regular attendees of the church but they will have to be there on Easter Sunday, the 20th of April to collect their prize.

1) You must use a real egg.
2) It must be decorated in some way. This could be as simple as drawing a face on a single egg, as long as it is decorated that is all that matters.
3) The picture must have you and the egg in it. You don't have to be holding it, but your face does need to be in it somewhere so we know its authentic.

1) Comedy value - the funnier the better.
2) Design skill, the more original the egg the better.
3) Impossible locations - the crazier the location the better.
4) Famous People - If you get a shot of your egg being held by somebody famous, kudos to you!

Simply email you eggshots to office@gracecitychurch.net

If you would like a few more ideas check out this site: Decorating Ideas