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20/20/20 vision

God spoke to us at the beginning of the year about believing him to see 20 connect groups, 20 people baptised, and 20 people meaningfully connected to the church through outreach ministries. So where are we 4 months in?

1) We currently have 11 connect groups, 9 to go

2) 2 People baptised, 18 to go.

3) 4 meaningfully connected with the church, 16 to go.

Whilst progress has been made, we still have a long way to go. The good news is that sometimes it takes a while to get a boulder moving but when it is rolling, it's difficult to stop.

The truth is connect groups are gaining momentum and leaders being trained. On the last weekend of May we are training 17 people to be ready to take over groups as they multiply. It is great to see so many being trained who are not currently leading.

On the baptism front, we need to pray for salvation and for those who are saved to have courage to go for it.

Regarding 20 being connected, it is encouraging to see both Community Foodcare and Playgroup enjoying such faithfulness. The challenge is to see all those who are making use of the programs being embraced into the community of faith. Look for the opportunity to connect with people at our Christmas in July event on the 19th of July, more details to follow

I believe God has provoked us to believe in Him. The Bible says faith without works is dead so let us continue to play our part so that our 20/20/20 vision can be realised by the end of the year.

We will look again at where we are by the end of August (4months on),

Much love Peter

Peter Brooks, 08/05/2014