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When I was aged 4, being 10 was unthinkably far away. At 10, teens seemed like humungous giants and I could never quite envisage what it would be like to be that tall! Then as a teen, everybody over 20 was too old to be good for anything. In my 20s, I sometimes considered, with some trepidation what it would be like to be 30, and now in my thirties I am learning to stop myself from replying to people in their teens and 20s with ‘in my day…’
Anyway, the point is that life is filled with very different stages. At Grace City Church God has blessed us with a whole spread of people in various life stages. Worshiping together as a church family is one of our core values and something we really treasure. Each  stage however has its own unique challenges. In this Blog, between now and Christmas, we want to look at a whole cross section of people within the church and consider some of the challenges they face.
Based on a study by Psychologists and Theologians Jack and Judy Balswick, we will look at the unique opportunities and challenges people in our congregation are facing, from the youngest to oldest. Every other week we will release a new article. A whole variety of people will be answering questions specific to their stage so we will find out if the grass really is greener!
The different stages we will be looking at are:
  • Children under 10
  • Children in their teens
  • Singles
  • Married Couples
  • Married couples with young kids
  • Married couples with teens
  • Couples with kids who have flown the nest
  • Retirees
Hew Nunn, 21/08/2014