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George Januarius (left) and Malachi Januarius (Right)

1) Please tell us a little about yourselves including your favourite food
Hi, my name is George. I am 11 years old and currently go to, Killarney Heights Public School although I’m going to high school next year. I like drumming because it is an easy instrument to learn and I like what I am able to achieve while playing on my drum kit. I do not like Chocolate because I’m allergic to it!
Hi, my name is Mac. I am 9 years old and go to Killarney Heights Public School. I like running because I like to practice and win races at school. my least favourite food is  Capsicum because I don’t like the taste or the texture
2) What do you think makes kids really popular at school and how do you feel about your own abilities in those things?

George: If they help people and include everyone, (I like helping people). I do find myself wanting to be better at this or that but not because I want to be popular
Mac: If they are good at sport and they are funny (I feel ok about my own ability in sport) . 

3) How well do you get on with the rest of your brothers and sister?
George: I like playing out in the garden with everyone having fun on the swings especially if the chickens (we have 4 of them) are out. I don’t particularly like it when someone gets cross or hurt when we are playing.
Mac: Very well

4) What is your favourite thing about church?
George: 4-6 - I like the games that we play and learning about God in an understandable way.
Mac: 4-6
George and Mac Januarius, 04/09/2014