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Tamara Manson - AdolescenceTamara
The stage of adolescence represents opposing gravitational pulls, that of the family and that of peers. The key task it define self, who am I and what am I here for. In the desire for independence, teens seek to take more control of their lives which naturally creates a tension with parents! Have a look at what life is like for Tamara, its a very honest and open portrayal of life. I think we have a future writer on our hands!
1) Tells us a bit about yourself?
I’m Tamara and I’m in year 8 at Northern Beaches Christian School. I was born in England so I’m young for my year, which has its disadvantages (waiting a year longer to get a job, drivers’ license etc.). I have an obsession with reading, which usually results in addiction and hard-core fangirling.
2) Would you say you get on with your parents?
I have a great relationship with my parents but we don’t always see eye to eye, particularly where my sister is involved. I love them and we get on really well, but I guess every relationship has its bumps.
3) What is it like being a Christian at school, describe some of the challenges you may face?
I love being at a Christian school because faith isn’t just accepted. At my school almost everyone is Christian and the minority that aren’t still appreciate it. I find it really difficult when one of my friends isn’t Christian because I fear for them and I worry (another thing about me: I will stress about anything). I also find that no matter the environment you surround yourself in, you are still vulnerable to sin. Doubt and hurt can still manage to plant itself in my brain, even though I am usually around very positive people and experiences. A Christian school is definitely a good way to prevent the worst of this but there are still holes in the wall. Jealousy has been a major issue for me, particularly as I hate change. I don’t mean envy which is when you want to take away something someone else has, I mean I am very protective. If someone else has what I used to have, I will be really hurt by it. This generally applies to friendships and achievements, rather than physical things. I have had to learn to control this and if I ever experience this, I usually pray for the ability to act rationally and to avoid hurting people.
4) What is the biggest challenge you face in life and how do you look overcome this?
My friendship circle is great but lately we’ve been having issues with people who we adopt out of pity, but then realize why they were having friendship problems in the first place. One of my close friends has recently been going through a really rough time, which hasn’t made her the easiest of people to get along with. She is easily annoyed and quick to act on it, and she often directs her hurt towards the people that float on the edges of our group. We are all loyal to her, so we tend to agree with her, especially considering these floaters aren’t always that easy to be friends with. She usually hates these people and wants them to leave us alone in peace and I am often torn between loyalty and love for her and compassion for the floaters. I have decided to remain friends with everyone while doing the right thing and I have prayed for God’s guidance in this.
Tamara Manson, 26/09/2014