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Ok, so next we come to look at adults. It is time to Differentiate from the family of origin, develop a clear sense of self that will enable a person to relate to others and obtain independence. Key events are things like moving out of home, heading to uni, starting a career and in Steves case, changing nations!

Steve Chik
1) Tell us about yourself
My name is Stephen, AKA Chiki or Chiki-Lala. I'm 34, I work at the UNSW in Student Life and Learning where I supervise a group of 50 student volunteers that mentor new international students. I also organise events for international students.
I'm passionate about music and art. I enjoy singing and writing songs as well as have an interest in design.
I enjoy spending time with friends and family when I'm not working.

2) You have lived all over the world, to what extent do you feel at home at Grace City and Sydney?

I feel very much at home at Grace City because of the relationships that have been forged over the years. I remember when I first started visiting and I wasn't sure If I was going to continue coming, because I lived a fair distance away. One Sunday I was invited to lunch by one of the church families. I was touched by the gesture because it made me feel welcome and I felt it was God's way of telling me that he wanted me to be at Grace City.

3) What is it like being a single person at church, some of the advantages and some challenges?

It's great being a single at Grace City because there's a unique group of us in the church. I've enjoyed getting to know the guys and girls and I find them to be an inspiring and energetic group of young people.
Though we may not have specific programs or a ministry for singles I feel  there is a strong sense of community that caters to everyone. The different ministries like the men's ministry does a good job in mentoring the younger guys through the activities like breakfast, bowling and Golf.

The challenges with being a christian single and 34 includes people wondering why I'm not married or settled down yet. I've always believed in God's best for me and feel that I sell myself short when I try to make things happen on my own, this includes relationships, career paths, big or small life decisions.

Some of my friends that are not christians feel that my beliefs put limitations to the options I have in life. By not focusing on the why but constantly going back to realising that God has a perfect plan and purpose for has always encouraged me.
The beauty of it all is that my story is still being unfolded and only God knows what lies ahead and he instructs us to trust him -Proverbs 3:5.  Whatever happens, I know God will use it to bring glory to HIS name.
Steve Chikazaza, 08/10/2014