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This next Blog is from Chris and Chantal Adney who are a married couple soon to have their first Child. We wanted to ask them how they found the change from being single to becoming a married couple. Experts say that ‘there is an incredible agenda to be accomplished in this stage,’ which includes things like: setting up a new household, dividing household chores, learning to budget, making decisions about church involvement, spiritual growth and many more. So this is a vital stage for establishing a sound foundation for the future, lets see how they got on.

1) Tell us a bit about yourselves?Chris and Chantal

Chris has lived on the northern beaches his whole life in a Christian household with his dad, mum and 2 younger sisters. Chantal’s family moved around a lot even between states. She was brought up with her step dad, mum and half-brother and half-sister. We met at covenant Christian school in 2001(both in yr. 10) and started to date in October 2001 Chantal’s parents and siblings moved to Queensland at the end on 2003, so Chantal moved into Chris’ family home.

We were married on the 7th of April 2007 and moved into a granny flat in Beacon Hill.

2) How did you find going from being single to being married, be honest…?

Because we dated for a long time and had lived in the same household before we were married we had a lot of time to grow up together, this helped with the transition into married life. However we still both had different and sometimes conflicting expectations of how married life looked. For example who we were used to having as the bread winner for the family and who would take on different household roles. Because out parents were so different in how they operated AND communicated in their relationship, there was a lot of pre-conceived ideas of how our relationship would operate. When it came to finding a church, we both felt that church was important but needed to find a church that suited us both as a couple and individually as we had not settled into one before we were married.
3) What was the hardest adjustment you had to make once you got married?

Managing finances was a challenge in the beginning as we were not expecting some of the large bills that we received and Chris was still on an apprentice wage. It didn’t matter how much we budgeted, we weren’t ready for the odd things that popped up.
There was also a feeling of distance from family as we were used to living in a busy household, sharing meals together, going away together and feeling the security of being under our parents.
4) So, you are having a baby soon, how are preparing for this next stage of life?

We have had complications before so have been wanting to have a family for some time now. But it wasn’t something that worried us, while we were waiting for God’s plan to unfold for our family, we had so many great experiences and feel that our relationship has really got solid foundations. Because we feel so strongly that its God’s perfect timing to start our family now, we are really just leaving the day to day up to him!
Chris and Chantal Adney, 29/10/2014