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‘When a child is born, adopted, or fostered into a family, the existing system must make necessary changes to welcome new members’ Nick and Sandra have 2 young children, Grace and Rose. Having children means making massive changes, let’s see how they are coping.
1) Tell us a bit about yourselves? Nick and Sandra
It was January 2006 when we met. We came from different countries, spoke different languages but despite the odds, we fell in love with each other and 10 months later we got married in Australia. We didn't really know one another very well; all we knew was that we both loved God and loved each other. Communication was a challenge since we didn't speak the same language. We used to take the dictionary to our dates and we even took it to our honeymoon.
Pretty radical isn't it? Yes, it is radical but nothing compared to parenthood.
2) After having two children, what has been the biggest change you have faced as a family?
Being parents has been one of the most radical and intense experiences of our lives in a good way... and sometimes in a challenging way. Here are few changes we faced after our first daughter was born:
- Our hearts changed:  We never thought we could love someone more than we love ourselves, but that is exactly what happened when we became parents. Suddenly we had this little person who we wanted to protect, comfort, feed... Everything she did was cute, clever and beautiful.
- Less time for ourselves:  Parenting is 24/7. When our 1st baby was born 90% of our free time went out through the window and we found ourselves very, very busy during the days and the nights!
- Organization: Very soon we realized we needed to be more organized in the way we lived our lives and how we spend our time. Having the kids in a good routine and still making room for fun and flexibility is our goal.
3) What do you think the biggest challenge you are facing as parents?
The challenges of parenthood are many but for us the biggest is teaching and bringing up our kids not knowing if what we are doing will have good results or not. You have to do it in faith believing that what you have sown into your kids lives will reap good fruit later on. Another challenge is always making sure we have time as a couple to cherish our relationship as husband and wife.
4 What is your favourite thing about having kids?
Life with kids is very different to before... It is busy, intense, sometimes exhausting... and when you think your energy is gone, they smile at you, fill you with hugs and wet kisses... in that moment you are the happiest person in the world. Ahhhh the mysteries of love...
Nick and Sandra Atkins, 14/11/2014