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Blog7 areas of culture

For the start of our new Blog series looking at the 7 spheres of culture we have an exclusive interview with former olympic swimmer and TV personality Elka Whalan (nee Graham). As a person involved in the media we asked her how she looks to bring impact into that arena of society and some of the challenges she has faced. Have a look at her answers below
Elka Whalan7 Spheres of culture - Media

(Q)As Someone in the media how are you trying to bring change as a Christian?

'I want to bring light in a dark place, to show people not just with words but with actions. To not be a gossiper and to not slander people. I want to be in there to lift and encourage people in a dark place like the world of media which often tries to bring people down.'
(Q) What are some of the challenges you faced as a Christian in the industry?

'Sometimes I don't connect with people. I have left the makeup room lots of times because people have been gossiping and slandering others and I have not wanted to be part of that so I have just quietly gotten up and gone somewhere else. I want to hold strong to what I believe in and wait for that right time when God will let me shine.'
(Q) Have you had any bad reactions to your faith?

'I don’t think there is anybody in church who hasn’t a bad reaction when they have said they were a Christian. I think the delivery and the way that you say what you say is really important and that’s why I have my line that ‘my best friend is JC, we kick it tight, I’m a big fan of the man above.’ I want people to know that Christianity is not weird so the most important thing is to let people know that I have this real and great relationship with God.'
(Q) Have you found any other Christians in the Media?

'Yes, but not many, the ones I have found I have connected with so much. Often you can pick them before you get a chance to even meet. There are one or two in make-up that are Christians and that’s so wonderful. There are others that you just know because they are genuinely happy for you when you get a job, they just buzz and have genuine excitement for you. They are not jealous but just really wanting to encourage you. So there are not a lot in there, but that’s ok because we get a chance to shine a light brightly and bring others in.'