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Blog7 areas of culture

This week we are continuing our current series looking at the 7Adam Lear spheres of culture. Our guest blogger this week is Adam Lear who is a member of Grace City Church and head of a local junior School.

Could you describe your role within  the sphere of education?

My current role is Head of Junior School, so I look after the Pre-Kindergarten to Year 6 section of a Pre-K to Year 12 independent school.
How are you trying to bring God’s kingdom culture into your area of work?

It is a blessing to be in a context which is founded on faith in Christ, but which is equally open to believers and non-believers. I am trying to lead a place where everyone is growing in their understanding of what God’s kingdom means for them and how they see their place in it. My aim is to provide a safe place for children to grow and develop, where they can learn about the Good News of the Gospel, engage with people who have a living faith and consider their own response to Jesus.
Have you had any bad reactions to your faith?

Many families choose our school because of the academic results and because they like the ‘values’ of the school. Often, non-Christian families will “tolerate" the faith we profess, but have no intention to really explore what it means to them. Christianity becomes a nominal part of their life and they settle in to an ability to live alongside Christianity, without letting Christ touch their hearts. I think this is a very significant challenge for Christian schools, especially when dealing with families whose financial wealth masks their need for Jesus.
What sort of things do you pray for regarding your work situation?

I pray for staff, students and families who are sick or struggling with personal challenges. I also pray for safety in the many events that take place. I also pray for the seeds that are sewn through the presentation of the Gospel to take root in the hearts of those who hear the message and I pray for wisdom that I will know how and when to share God’s love with members of the school community. Finally, I pray God will help me to be the person He wants me to be in my job and that He will help me hear His voice and give me the confidence to act on His direction.