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Blog7 areas of culture

Kelly Fox
This week we are continuing our current series looking at the 7 spheres of culture. Our guest blogger is Kelly Fox who is a member of Grace City and a Mother of 2. She has been one of the key people involved in getting the church playgroup up and running, and she, along with others is doing a great job

As a parent with young children, what are the challenges and opportunities to sharing your faith with others?

I would say that I have had more opportunities since becoming a mum as so many conversations have opened up about how people cope with it all. This has enabled me to have some really honest conversations about life and it has enabled me to help people in different situations and share my faith with them. I guess the challenges are that I have small children that like to run away whilst I'm in the middle of a conversation and I have had to get up and sprint after them!! This can be very frustrating.

How are you trying to reach other parents in the same situation?

When we met as a mothers group for the first time, I was very purposeful in making sure that we kept going as a group and met regularly, so I became chief organiser. Nearly 3 years down the track, we are still a strong unit and have been through some ups and big downs together. I would say that they are now some of my closest friends.
It has also worked out that many of my other friends outside of mothers group have had babies around the same time, so I have been able to meet up one on one with them and help out in situations with babysitting, meals etc.
I am also active in playgroups. This year I decided to get involved with the Gracekidz playgroup. This has been great as it's another place I can invite my friends to and we've made a conscious effort to make the mums feel really welcomed and their children loved! We pray for the mums that come regularly and over time we hope to strike up conversations about their faith and get to know them on a deeper level.

Have you had any bad reactions to your faith?

Not yet! All my friends know I'm a Christian. I feel that I need to have a certain level of a relationship with them before I invite them to church events. I never hide what I am doing or where I am going and it's surprising when I talk about going to church, the conversations that naturally come up. Most people have had some experience with church in their past and intrigued about what my church is like. When we had both girls dedicated, lots of our non-christian friends came which was such a surprise to us! We have also had people come to other events that the church has held, which has been great.

Recently a friend suffered a tragedy and I plucked up the courage to ask if I could pray with her. She was very grateful and was in floods of tears (along with another friend who was also there). When tough situations are happening in my friend's lives, I offer 3 things: prayer, food and babysitting. I feel God is working within my friendship circles and is changing their hearts.

What are you doing to try to bring God into your own family?

It's been helpful going to 'Be Your Best' (BYB) and other events run by some of the women in the church, as that has helped me establish some ways that I can bring God into my family that I hadn't thought about. We always pray together at sleep times and I always ask Finlay what she would like to thank God for. The answers can be quite interesting!! If anyone is sick we pray that they will be healed and we pray altogether for things as a family and for our friends. We have started to read bible stories together and just generally talk about how good God is and how he gives us good things.