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180 Youth camp 2016 collage
180 YOUTH CAMP 2016

It was a weekend like no other, a weekend without distractions, a weekend with the rain splashing down as we swam, played, laughed and worshiped! 
Memories that will last a lifetime were created… it was a weekend that was full of LIFE CHANGING MOMENTS… that’s right it was the 180 YOUTH CAMP 2016!!!

Our youth had the opportunity to discover and learn values about identity, friendships, life choices, positive relationships, learning to get back up from setbacks and so much more through bible based messages from our youth leaders.

The convoy started on Friday morning from the Plateau after the collection of swanky new 180 youth singlets & goodbyes to the Mum's and Dad's! Less than 2 frenzied hours later after dozens of pitch perfect pop renditions we arrived at the rustic and homely camp ground. Bunks were picked and the grounds explored as a yummy food was prepared by our gracious hosts, food that would continue to bless everyone's tummies & sustain us through the action packed weekend!

After lunch it was straight to business, water balloon games and tribal team challenges run by the new FP's, Tyler & Linus. A privelege that would be continued on Saturday too!
Then to the main hall for truly amazing worship lead by Sam and later special guests Miles & Kate! With George and Matt Simmons on percussion, Dan sometimes on the electric and then switching to bass with Joy backing up with her awesome vocals. It allowed everyone to freely enter a place where God was welcome and present. These session were often followed by engaging talks from Huey, Cindy, Jamie, Anna and Mike with the drama team (consisting of Linus, Tyler and Albert) provided light hearted summaries through short skits. Small groups also explored more directed issues and Saturday included a trip to Terrigal beach for a fun filled arvo run by Jaimie! Saturday night came too quickly and the night ended with a cosy fire and an empowered readiness to go back on Sunday while reminiscing on a weekend filled with God encounters, prayer, incredible worship, new friendships, and so much laughter!