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Mobilise 2016 Recap!

Newfontiers Pacific Rim Young Adults Retreatmobilise 2016

The ANZAC long weekend in April, Friday night to Monday afternoon, was set apart for a powerful time with God and the Newfontiers Pacific Rim young adults community from Auckland, Sydney, Christchurch, Wellington, Sydney and the UK.

Arriving to the remote but beautiful Attunga Retreat through dusty country roads was a foretaste of the adventure God had planned for the weekend. God used the prophetically gifted team from a fellow New Frontiers church, The Kingsarm, in Bedford to bless us and lead us into exciting encounters with Him! The Bedford team inspired us with their words, actions and stories and God used them to melt fears away and replace it with Godly courage and a passion to step into the prophetic.

Although many had had a very long day, the first Friday night official meeting was a powerful time of worship and encouragement with the Bedford team leaving loving words from God on post-it notes for each and every person! These encouragements and words from God were multiplied throughout the weekend through worship, seminars, people praying over each other, Phil Wickham’s talks and the amazing community atmosphere fuelled by the Holy Spirit.

From the first session on Saturday morning to his last on Monday morning, Phil’s talks & stories cut straight through to our core as he started on ‘Modelling Jesus’ and how walking in that lifestyle starts by first truly knowing who our Father is and His heart for our lives as it’s the platform for fruitfulness. It’s a foundation that changes everything, the risks taken, expectations and the thoughts we think about ourselves. Truths were lovingly hammered into us as lies and burdensome fears were broken away. The importance of the word in unblocking self-reliance, fear and unbelief so we live in the right reality and change the environment of our hearts and minds was realised. Learning to make room for God’s presence by giving thanks, leaving space for personal encounters and making room for His glory were further vital messages.

During the weekend we were challenged by some great Practical sessions from some Grace City Church Dee Why big hitters, with James Ryburn teaching us about ‘Encounters with Jesus’ changing lives and challenged us about the lengths we would go to get our friends to an encounter. Craig & Robyn Milligan shared their experiences on ‘work, work, work, work’ and it’s prominent distortions regarding it having too much or too little meaning or just as a means to an end and what God wants for us through the thorns and thistles. Gareth & BJ Newman shared the story of their relationship and journey through marriage and led us into self assessment about our character and how working on our character with God is attractive plus helps us to define our real identity and what is truly important to us when dealing with longings in that area.

Nick from the Bedford team lead us in a practical seminar on hearing the voice of God and how prophesy is to be eagerly desired as all God’s sheep hear His voice and that a culture of encouragement runs side by side with the prophetic and letting God’s voice break in. We learnt that we can struggle to hear due to our earthly father filter, so we need to get to know His person, language and be ready, faithful and courageous because we have a Heavenly Father who is a brilliant and loving communicator. We were all able to practice prophesying over each other in a safe and open environment and see the change in countenance that prophecy and encouragement brings. The Bedford team also made themselves available to give specific personal words to people in their own down times which were a tremendous impact due to their developed prophetic gifting and the weekend ended with some great encouraging stories from Phil and a Q&A that brought both laughs and tears.

Although the weekend went too quickly, time was also left to have fun, refresh and renew! This included staying up late and laughing too hard, heading into the nearest town and vineyards, playing board games, soccer and basketball, swimming and hot-tubbing, chasing kangaroos, roasting marshmallows around the fire and just revelling in the passionate young adults community God has blessed us with. A community that is inspired to do great, bold and powerful things for God in 2016!

A big thank you to the Grace City Church Dee Why Leadership team, New Zealand churches & Bedford team for making it happen and allowing such godly truths, practical lessons and heavenly encouragements to bless all those at Mobilise!

“For me I think the best thing about ‘Mobilise’ was the fact that I felt like the atmosphere was somewhere I could worship authentically.”
- Matt roach: Wellington, NZ

“Going into Mobilise I was aware that I had new levels of freedom to be released into, coming off the back of a period of intense attack upon my identity. Lies had subtly crept their way into my heart, and God wanted to wage war against these ill-founded beliefs and replace them with the truth of what He says about me. Over the course of the camp God lead me through a process of freedom by addressing wounds and memories that had lead to me believing lies about myself. This freedom was achieved through a number of different ways. At times it was crying at His feet, sitting silently before Him, laughing in His presence, or others still shaking off lies or by dancing before God. Hearing the affirmation of God and knowing His delight in me. Hearing Him say "I love you and choose you", and knowing that His love comes with no conditions or expectations of performance - it was this simple but profound truth that set me free. 'Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.' John 8:32.”
- Tim Paterson: Wellington, NZ