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Mission, Presence, and Discipleship

In this series, we look at 3 main topics: the mission of God, God's presence and how we grow in discipleship. All of these three things are part of our vision for 2016.

Achievement (download)
Tania Thompson, 28/08/2016
Half-Time Team Talk (download)
Mike Irving, 31/07/2016
The What, Why, How of Discipleship (download)
James Ryburn, 24/07/2016
He said it, they spread it! (How disciples make disciples) (download)
Gareth Newman, 17/07/2016
Discipleship Outline (download)
Mike Irving, 10/07/2016
A Duality of Purpose (download)
Gareth Newman, 12/06/2016
A Lifestyle of Grace (download)
James Ryburn, 05/06/2016
Mission- The Spirits Power (download)
Mike Irving, 29/05/2016

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