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Philippines Slums Emergency Response

Financial assistance for burnt down slums in Manila

Eden Singson the pastor of the House of Grace church in Manila (Philippines), has a heart for helping the down trodden people living in the slums near the nation’s capital. On the 28th of April he sent us some very sad news. The Bamboo Village, which is a slum housing area that their church ministers into, burnt down leaving many of the poorest with nothing.

Many of the families there either attend the church or attend the feeding programme that the church runs, a similar programme to Grace City Community Care. These families have lost their homes and all their possessions. One of the families even lost their 5-year-old daughter who suffocated in the blaze.

The church helped relocate over 30 people, those with babies or the elderly, into their church building to help out. Eden asked us for help regarding financial assistance to buy food, clothes and basic possessions.

Grace City Church Dee Why was able to raise 256,474.77 Peso’s at the start of June and this was used to purchase building materials and household items for total of 131,806.00 Peso’s to help reconstruct homes and lives.

Stay tuned for more news and photos, due to the enormous generosity of Grace City Church members, over the next few weeks! Like and show your support on our Facebook page!