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Fisher Road School Gift Day Contribution

The Fisher Road School serves some of the most needy young people on the Northern Beaches. Because it is only small, they have limited profile and avenues to raise money. 

They have impressed up on how grateful they are to receive a generous donation from Grace City Church. Our students will benefit greatly from our contribution towards a senior outdoor learning space! It is a highly specialised space that is used to develop gross motor skills in children that have moderate to severe intellectual disabilities. Due to the highly specfic research and expertise that goes into creating such a valuable tool, it is quite costly and hard to raise money for.

Many of the students find it difficult to access the community for various reasons and this is why an outdoor learning space to promote gross motor development in a safe and accessible environment will be utilised daily by students across the school and enable them to grow, learn and have fun!  All the staff, students and community at Fisher Road school have told us to express a huge thankyou to all the people in church for helping to make this much needed space a reality through money raised from our Gift Days!

What an honour to be able to support them in the excellent work that they do. Well done Grace City for being such a generous group of people.