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A Painful Shoulder


Hi guys, 

Just wanted to say thanks so much for praying for Josiah's shoulder yesterday after church. He was actually in a fair bit of pain and it seemed to be getting worse over the week not better. Jono and I had talked about needing to get it X-rayed to make sure he hadn't done any real damage as each night we were rubbing Nurofen gel and giving him a pain killer and he was still uncomfortable. BUT last night he needed none of that and today he has told me his shoulder feels better! How amazing is that - praise God hey! 

I've recently read Wendy Manns book Naturally Supernatural and she talks about how when their church learnt to praise God, really praise and thank him appropriately for small things, they started to see bigger things happen. I thought this quote from her was appropriate to share:

"Thanksgiving is key to God entrusting us with greater miracles and signs and wonders. When we are continually thankful for the small things we see God do, He knows we can be trusted with bigger things because He knows He will get all the glory" - Wendy Mann

So please join me in praising God and giving him the glory over Josiah's healing. Thanks for your faithfulness and obedience to serve us as a church. Looking forward to seeing more breakthroughs.

Thanks guys!

Ruth Pugh