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A Second Miracle after praying for others 


FullSizeRenderI had a knee operation 3 years ago which wasn’t successful.  I have been on painkillers since and was told I would need a knee replacement.  During a recent prayer meeting we were encouraged to hear about God healing someone from a chronic disease.  Full of faith, we began to pray for each other and I felt something happen in my knee.  I started to bend and kneel, things I haven’t done for years!  God realigned my knee!

The next day, I felt God say “I have healed your knee so I want you to pray for your hairdresser’s knee”.  To my knowledge, my hairdresser didn't have a bad knee...but when I arrived I was told she was unavailable and the lady who was available walked with a limp (because of 2 sore knees)!  I was nervous about praying for someone I didn’t know, but then I was handed a magazine and the headline on the cover read “Second Miracle”!  I shared the story of God healing my knee the night before, showed her the magazine cover, and asked if I could pray for her.  She way grateful and I believe God for her complete healing.

My faith has been strengthened and since then I have prayed for 3 other people with sore knees, at least one has been healed, and I am still praying for their complete healing.

Our God is an amazing God, and He does meet all of our needs!