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Our Tibetan Friends

Tibetan Heading

How good it is to live in a Multicultural area, where we can meet people from all parts of the world! 
We had the pleasure of meeting the Tibetan community through Grace City Foodcare. They frequently come to our shop where we can talk and share experiences. It did not take us long to learn how generous and full of life they are.

But more than that, they showed us that they are a people full of gratitude, a people who appreciate relationships; and last, but not least, a people who can cook amazing food. 
They held a feast for all the volunteers of Foodcare with the purpose of thanking them for serving the community in such a loving way. The feast was made of delicious traditional food and incredible dumplings. 

They also shared some of their life stories and the struggles they’ve been through. We are truly blessed to have them around us and to call them friends. And there’s more, the Foodcare Team was invited to celebrate the Tibetan New Year this Saturday with them. What a privilege!   

Tibetan Photo Collage