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Last Sunday we had our BBQ Community! 

Thanks to all for coming, the event was a big success. 
We served lunch for more than 150 people, including Foodcare and others passing by; but more important than that, we had the privilege of meeting and chatting to so many precious people who live around Dee Why.

The bible says that the church is the light of the world and that we should not be shy and hidden, instead we should be shinning His light in our community so people will see the goodness of Our Father (Mt 5:14,16). 

"We need to be out there sharing the good news, interacting with the community more so they can see Jesus in us, our actions, our servant hearts, our family at Grace City, etc. 
What better way to do this than handing out free burgers and food to the public and chatting to them which impacts the community and raises awareness of the Grace City and Gods love. 
I know the Community BBQ started as a way to connect Church family with Foodcare family, but it can be so much more!!!”  Glen Mace, Welcome team leader


And Glen is right; the Community BBQ is an opportunity for the church to be together on the streets, blessing others and sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ. So, we would like to encourage the whole Grace City Church family to engage in this amazing privilege of being on the streets showing God's love and sharing life with our community.

We would also like to honour Joel and Annie and Shaun and Lara for organising this event and serving with a smile on their faces despite the extreme heat of 38 degrees! You guys and all the other volunteers are champions!

If you couldn't attend last Sunday, there's no need to be upset, we'll have more in May. Stay tuned!

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