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This week in Chatswood we had the privilege of baptising 5 people, what a great moment!

The whole occasion was a little 'out of the box’. We held the baptisms in Carey and Helen’s heated spa which was great considering just how cold it was. Although it was an initial challenge to get people under the water in the shallow spa, we made it in the end. We topped the celebration off with a great lunch together. 

Around 80ppl attended the event and most were visitors, some believers, but not all which was very encouraging. The five people were completely different. Some have been waiting quite some time to get baptised and finally took the plunge (pardon the pun). One was a new convert who wanted to take the next step of faith. The other had converted from their Muslim faith and been connected with us via ESL. They were very keen to get baptised but since leaving a Muslim country not long ago has not been connected with a church until now. 

So it’s great news, and we are praying for lots more of the same in the future.