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Last Monday I had the privilege of attending the Christianity Explained Course that is being run on Monday mornings at the Community Foodcare Centre

Walking in, I received the customary friendly greeting as guests and visitors chatted and embraced over tea, coffee and snacks.

The young Barista (Peter Dean) took my order while I chatted to people attending the course. The room felt full, even crowed as we huddled in to hear the message.

Most weeks we have 25 people coming along and hearing the good news of the gospel. The event is hosted by Gayle and Peter Dean and their team which includes Grace City Church members.

When we kicked off, visitors eagerly listened in as Gayle excellently went through the truth about the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It felt like people were really leaning in and listening intently, you could almost hear the cogs turning as they processed everything Gayle said. She so excellently made the gospel so simple and apparent to all who heard it; she looked in her element!!

There were questions and contributions, back and forth from different members, it felt like a real atmosphere of learning. People felt hungry to find out more and keen to come back next week.

It’s amazing to be part of a church that looks to reach out and bless the community we live in. It’s exciting to think of the fruit that the gospel is bearing. 

Well done Peter and Gayle for running Foodcare so well. Thanks for your vision and hard work. 
Hew Nunn