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If you have been looking for an opportunity to meet people and exercise your gifts, you might consider joining one of our serving teams.  


Jesus came to this earth to serve and not to be served (Mt 20:26-28); and the same should be true about us, his disciples. We are on this earth to serve God and one another and not to be served; and as we serve, we'll find joy and purpose for our lives. It's easy to think we need to get our lives together before we're able to serve, but actually, it's the other way around. Serving helps us to get our lives together!

We have many different ministries that help run the church throughout the week and during our Sunday services. If you would like to serve, please fill the form below, and we'll get in touch soon.


Areas of need 

If you would like to serve in a ministry not listed above, write down the name of the ministry, and we'll get in touch when needed.