Values & Beliefs

Our Values
What we believe
Our Values

Faithful to Scripture

We are committed to the faithful preaching and teaching of Scripture as our first and final authority.

Thrilled and Motivated by Grace

We are saved by grace, sustained by grace and will be glorified because of grace.

This truth gives us great cause for rejoicing and impacts our relationships with one another and the world.

Empowered by the Holy Spirit

We are a church where God's presence is prized. We believe in the vitality of every member of the body being filled with the Holy Spirit, and the importance of using their God-given gifts to build the church and to impact their communities.

There for One Another's Success

We desire friendship, locally and internationally, in our worldwide mission.

We take responsibility for doing all that we can to ensure and enjoy each other's success, through practical relationships.

Intentional about Diversity

We work hard to break down every division and bring together those who are separated by age, ethnicity, language, culture, economic status, class, education and gender. In this way we display God's new humanity in Christ.

Embracing the Poor

We seek to continue the apostolic directive to remember the poor so that we all participate as co-equal gospel-partners in reaching our city and beyond.

Devoted to Mission

We are passionate about fulfilling our call to see the Kingdom of God extended locally and internationally, and are committed to taking the gospel to the ends of the earth, motivated by a desire for Jesus to have worshippers from every people-group and for God to receive the glory.

Enthusiastically Servant-Hearted

We are all called to be servants who die to ourselves for the benefit of others.

It's our longing to see this fully modelled in every aspect of life.

Humbly led by Gifted Leadership Teams

We recognise that God appoints elders and other leaders who serve the local church.

They gladly partner with apostolic teams to help to bring the church to maturity and play her part in her worldwide mission.

Celebrating the Centrality of the Local Church

We have a high view of church because it is central to God's eternal purpose.

This is expressed in each member's devotion to prayer, worship, and service in their local church.

Shaped by the Prophetic

We have been shaped by this gift and believe that prophetic input is crucial in providing ongoing direction and

encouragment to us as a church, and for our part within the wider movement.

What we believe