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Regions Beyond India

Like most of the world, India has been in turmoil through this Covid19 time, but the churches in India have also had to cope with a huge increase in persecution. I asked Franco Lonappan, who leads the Regions Beyond churches in India how we could best pray for them at this time, so here are his prayer requests.


I love that in this challenging time they are stepping out in faith and looking to God to grow them into 100 churches by 2025. Let’s get behind them in prayer and expect God to breakthrough in India.


Please thank God for:

1. That in India the Covid 19 situation is under control, the lockdown is lifted and church facilities are opened for worship with 50% capacity.


2. For the number of Online gatherings, we had as RB Churches to keep the vision alive, to relate and train members. 700-800 people attended each of these 5 Zoom gatherings!


3. For the 13 people obeying the Lord in Immersion yesterday in one of the churches! (I am sending the pics but please avoid putting it on social media).

Please Pray for the following

1. Against the rise in persecution among Christians in India. In 289 days, this year there are more than 320 reported cases of churches and pastors being attacked. On the 10th of Oct, 3 Sundays ago there were 16 cases of attacks on Sunday church mtgs! 


2. That our Churches in India will find facilities to hire for physical meetings on Sundays. Authorities are becoming hostile towards Christian activities because of the wrong narrative being propagated about religious conversions.


3. For some of the pastors/leaders who are finding difficulty finding rented homes to stay because they are pastors and the wrong notion of them doing illegal conversions. In the last 15 days, 2 of our pastors lost their rented homes. 


4. That in the midst of all this we will find God grace to preach the gospel and see people saved. 


5. For the 7 churches that looking in to join us in the coming days. Pray that God would knit our hearts together for the Regions Beyond vision! Especially the 3 churches joining from the city of Kolkata (attached a picture of Nigel and me spending time with 2 of leaders on Zoom)


6. For the 4 Churches we serve in Nepal, God would help us visit them as soon as borders open for travel.


7. For the upcoming Leaders conference on Nov 4th & 5th. Please pray for the 160 leaders who will join for the conference that they will be envisioned and hearts will be knitted together for the gospel advance in India. (Picture of the brochure is attached)


8. That the vision of 100 churches by 2025 will become a reality as we train 100 plus English & Hindi speaking leaders who are presently on a 2 years Training module!